OSRS Monkey Tail Guide: How to Obtain and Use for Crafting Light Ballista

OSRS Monkey Tail: A Comprehensive Guide

In the expansive world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), rare and valuable items are the keys to unlocking powerful gear and gaining an edge in both PvP and PvM activities. One such item is the Monkey Tail. Coveted for its role in crafting the light ballista, the Monkey Tail is a rare drop that requires patience and strategy to obtain. This guide will provide a detailed look into the Monkey Tail, including how to acquire it, its uses, and tips for maximizing its value.

What is the Monkey Tail?

The Monkey Tail is a rare item in OSRS monkey tail, primarily known for its use in creating the light ballista, a high-level ranged weapon. The light ballista is favored by many players for its high damage output and effectiveness in various combat situations. The Monkey Tail itself is a drop from specific high-level monsters, making it a sought-after item for players looking to enhance their ranged capabilities.


How to Obtain the Monkey Tail

The Monkey Tail can be obtained as a drop from two main types of gorillas in the game:

  1. Demonic Gorillas: These powerful creatures are found in the Crash Site Cavern, accessible after completing the quest “Monkey Madness II.” The drop rate for the Monkey Tail from Demonic Gorillas is approximately 1/1500, making it a rare and valuable find.
  2. Tortured Gorillas: Like their demonic counterparts, Tortured Gorillas also reside in the Crash Site Cavern and share the same drop rate for the Monkey Tail. These gorillas offer a similar challenge and require players to be well-prepared for combat.

Tips for Farming the Monkey Tail

Given the rarity of the Monkey Tail, here are some tips to help improve your chances of obtaining one:

  • High Combat Levels: Ensure that your combat stats are high, particularly in Attack, Strength, Defense, and Ranged. This will allow you to defeat the gorillas more efficiently.
  • Optimal Gear: Equip the best possible gear you have for both melee and ranged combat. Popular choices include high-level Ranged armor and weapons, such as the Toxic Blowpipe or Armadyl Crossbow, and Void Knight equipment for its versatility.
  • Prayer Management: Use protection prayers to mitigate damage from the gorillas’ powerful attacks. Switching between Protect from Melee, Protect from Missiles, and Protect from Magic as needed can save you a lot of health.
  • Inventory Setup: Bring plenty of high-healing food, prayer potions, and gear for switching combat styles. Having a balance of offense and defense in your inventory is crucial for sustained farming runs.

Uses of the Monkey Tail

The primary use of the Monkey Tail is in the construction of the light ballista, a powerful ranged weapon. Here’s what you need to craft it:

  • Monkey Tail
  • Light Frame: Another drop from Demonic and Tortured Gorillas.
  • Ballista Limbs: These can be obtained through various means, including trading with other players or completing the Barbarian Assault mini-game.
  • Ballista Spring: Also a drop from the same gorillas.

Once you have all these components, you can combine them at an anvil to create the light ballista, significantly boosting your ranged combat capabilities.

Trading the Monkey Tail

Due to its rarity and utility in crafting the light ballista, the Monkey Tail holds significant value in the OSRS economy. Players can sell it on the Grand Exchange or through player-to-player trades. Keeping an eye on market trends and timing your sales can help you maximize your profits. Prices can fluctuate based on the demand for the light ballista and changes in the game’s economy.


The Monkey Tail in OSRS is a rare and valuable item that plays a crucial role in crafting one of the game’s most powerful ranged weapons. Acquiring it requires a combination of skill, strategy, and patience, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your own combat abilities with a light ballista or looking to make a profit through trading, understanding the intricacies of obtaining and using the Monkey Tail will give you a significant advantage in Old School RuneScape.

By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on the challenging yet rewarding journey of farming for the Monkey Tail. Good luck, and may your drops be ever in your favor!