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analysis:The question I asked before the Woolworths CEO walked out on our interview was hardly a zinger

Brad Banducci will be remembered for his TV interview walkout, but in his years in the top job he's delivered Woolworths bumper profits, writes Four Corners' Angus Grigg and Elise Potaka.

analysis:Did your dog dig in asbestos-laden mulch? Here are the risks — and what to do next

Disturbing news has emerged about mulch containing asbestos in parks, schools and homes in NSW and possibly Canberra, with concern over the risk to human health. But dogs love to sniff, dig and roll on the ground — placing them at risk, too, writes Chiara Palmieri.
A sign says possible asbestos and a dog walks along a path

analysis:PNG is running out of fuel — again — and this time it could prove fatal for Marape's government

Papua New Guinea's fuel supply is once again in crisis, joining a growing list of national challenges facing Prime Minister James Marape ahead of a vote of no confidence in his leadership. But there is reason to believe he will survive, writes Tim Swanston.
James Marape, wearing a navy blue suit with pin on the collar

analysis:Queensland's police commissioner is making a quick exit, but perhaps it's not all that unexpected

Handing in her resignation at the airport as the police minister was about to fly out is arguably the very definition of a shock announcement, but speculation about Katarina Carroll's future has been rife in recent weeks.
A graphic of a QPS badge alongside a photo of Katarina Carroll at her desk and a close-up of her face.

analysis:Meet the five players set to make their mark on the NRL in 2024

Every new NRL season brings a fresh crop of rookie sensations. Nick Campton lists the five young players set to make an impact in 2024. 
A player catches the ball during a rugby league training session

analysis:How the Taylor Swift effect is changing sports fandom

As Taylor Swift takes over Australia in her Eras Tour, her presence in the NFL has brought more girls and women into the game, but it hasn't changed the harsh reality of the culture in many men's professional sports, writes Kasey Symons. 
A male NFL player engages hugs girlfriend inside a stadium, with cheering fans, cameras and confetti surrounding them

analysis:How a tax policy from a bygone era could result in the death of affordable housing

Our political leaders have shied away from confronting negative gearing, but encouraging ownership of multiple properties ensures house prices remain out of reach for the next generation, writes Ian Verrender.
an outside view of a row of houses

analysis:ASIC using AI to read submissions to Big Four inquiry

A vast technology gap that has eaten deeply into Australia's ability to determine its own path is now so vast, it has become impossible to bridge, writes Linton Besser.
The flags of China and the USA are being displayed on a smartphone, with an NVIDIA chip visible in the background.

analysis:Why the feeling of belonging is just as important as Taylor Swift's music

"It's a love story, baby just say yes." They're some of the lyrics to one of Taylor Swift's most famous songs and in Australia her fans are paying back the love in the most wholesome ways.
A young woman with long blonde hair and wearing a sparkly silver bodysuit blows a kiss.

analysis:Ten more seats are up for grabs. But will Tasmania get fresh faces or party stalwarts?

Candidates are being finalised for Tasmania's upcoming state election. For many, it's not their first rodeo.
A man sitting in a chair wearing a suit and tie.

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