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analysis:Queensland's police commissioner is making a quick exit, but perhaps it's not all that unexpected

Handing in her resignation at the airport as the police minister was about to fly out is arguably the very definition of a shock announcement, but speculation about Katarina Carroll's future has been rife in recent weeks.
A graphic of a QPS badge alongside a photo of Katarina Carroll at her desk and a close-up of her face.

What are the six inquiries into Australia's surging grocery prices looking at?

With details emerging of the tactics employed by Coles and Woolworths to increase profits at the check-out, what are the multiple inquiries on supermarket pricing examining, and what might they accomplish?
Fresh produce stacked in a cold fridge.

18,000 Australians sign onto BetStop in first six months, with majority of early adopters under 40

Younger people have been fastest to sign on to the national gambling exclusion register BetStop, which requires online gambling services to check in with the register before processing requests.
A live sports betting site on a mobile phone, April 24, 2020.

As the US election approaches, this is how AI is already changing political campaigns

Recent election campaigns from Pakistan, India and Indonesia have shown radical new uses of generative AI that change how campaigns are run. Here's what's coming for Australia and the rest of the world.
A woman at a rally during the Indonesian election campaign

Is minority government really the worst possible outcome of a state election?

Ten years ago, Tasmania was ruled by a minority government. With an election on for March 23, and a solid chance of a repeat, this former leader and others say it will be "good for democracy".
Former Tasmanian premier Lara Giddings speaks with a graphic of two hands shaking behind her.

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